If you’re suffering from the extreme pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids, I know for a fact that you will try anything to get some fast hemorrhoid relief, I know this is true because I was in exactly the same position not so long back, but that was before I finally found out the secret of how to get rid of hemorrhoids for good!

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Although I would like nothing more than to tell you my story about how hemorrhoids were ruining my life andhow to get rid of hemorrhoids how I eventually ended up getting rid of them for good after years of trying every medication and treatment available, all except surgery that is, I also know that you’ll be much happier reading my story if you were doing so without any pain and discomfort, so here’s what I’m going to do… I’m going to tell you about a couple of home remedies that I found to work really well that you can use right now that will give you some amazingly fast and welcome relief!

The first hemorrhoid treatment I’m going to share with you may come as a bit of a surprise but trust me it works really quickly and is something that many of you will already have sitting in a cupboard somewhere around your home… Vicks VapoRub!

Believe it or not Vicks Vaporub works amazingly quickly when applied to an external hemorrhoid providing a cooling sensation as well as helping the hemroid to shrink , thus easing any pain and discomfort. I have to admit that I’m not completely sure what it is that is in Vicks Vaporub that makes it work so well on hemorrhoids, and to be honest, I was never really that interested either, because for me, it worked and that was the most important thing as far as I was concerned!

Although I, and the vast majority of people who swear by Vicks, have experienced positive effects from applying it, I have also read reports that state the contrary. These reports highlight that an extreme burning or stinging sensation is often experienced. Personally, I suspect that this happens when Vaporub is applied on any broken skin on or around the area of the hemorrhoid!

My advice would be to avoid any unpleasant experiences and NEVER use Vaporub on hemorrhoids if you have broken skin down there! Additionally, I have no idea if it is safe to use Vicks Vaporub on internal hemorrhoids so I would advise against doing so, unless your doctor says it is OK to do so!

The next home remedy for hemorrhoids that I’m going to tell you about is even simpler AND 100% natural which means it is also a great option for pregnant women and that is garlic!

I’m not going to go into too much detail here but just for your information, garlic is a fantastic astringent and will quickly shrink a hemorrhoid (I personally experienced a 75% reduction within 5 minutes the first time I ever used minced garlic on my external pile!)

There are two methods that are generally used in the application of garlic, the first is to crush a couple of cloves and apply the pulp directly onto the external hemorrhoid and the second consists of mixing the pulp with some olive oil and then applying as a much thinner past. Both are extremely effective, although I experienced faster results using the crushed garlic alone.

As with the Vicks Vaporub remedy, garlic will sting quite badly if applied to broken skin, however, even if it is, it will still work just as well. Remember though, if you do have broken skin down there you will have to bite down on something for a little while, whilst the garlic does it’s magic, as it hurt like hell… but boy is it effective!

Another benefit of garlic over Vaporub is that you can safely use it to treat internal hemorrhoids. Simply peel and slice in half length-ways a garlic clove and insert both halves into your anus, you can use olive oil to help ease insertion, repeat this after every stool passing and any uncomfortable feeling you may have been experiencing from your internal hemorrhoid will soon be gone!

I’m sure these two home remedies will provide you with the much needed relief you want but remember, as good and as effective as these two remedies are, neither will stop your hemorrhoid problem from returning time and again… so if you are fed up of constantly getting hemorrhoids like I was then you need to take action and learn how to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently like I did!

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So, back to my story…

As I mentioned at the top of the page, I used to suffer from chronic internal and external hemorrhoids, experiencing all the pain and discomfort, not to mention the embarrassment that goes with them on a regular basis. As you probably already know, hemorrhoids become more of a problem the older you get and the heavier you become but I guess I bucked the trend as I was only 22, just out of the army and physically fit so when I had my first experience of a hemorrhoid, it was a pretty scary ordeal for me personally, as I wasn’t expecting it and thought I was suffering with something far more serious, here’s what happened…

I was at work when I felt the urge to go to the bathroom. Something didn’t feel right whilst I was emptying my bowel, there was no pain just an uncomfortable feeling and when I wiped myself the tissue felt sodden. When I looked at the tissue I freaked out, it was drenched in my blood. A hastily arranged and panicked visit to the doctor’s surgery followed which involved an embarrassing internal examination. Thankfully, the doctor told me it was nothing more serious than an ulcerated hemorrhoid and explained that it wasn’t a serious problem. Little did I know at the time that this initial problem was just the first episode in a countless stream that would lead to years of misery, pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids have forced me to miss more social events than I care to mention, even simple visits to the corner shop have been out of the question on occasions because I simply couldn’t walk without being in excruciating pain. The worst incident I experienced didn’t have anything to do with pain and discomfort but psychologically it certainly left its mark on me. It happened when I was enjoying a night out with a large group of friends and half way through the evening a friend of mine took me to one side and discreetly told me that I needed to go home and change my trousers as blood had started to show through them. Unbeknown to me I had an internal hemorrhoid that was bleeding quite a lot. This particular hemorrhoid wasn’t giving me any discomfort so I didn’t know it was there but it did cause me a great deal of embarrassment. To this day I still have no idea how many people saw the back of my trousers soaked in blood and although it shouldn’t, it still really bothers me today.

Anyway, needless to say, over the years I have tried every cream and ointment available over-the-counter or by prescription only, to try and eliminate the problem, and to be fair to the vast majority of these treatments, they did exactly what they were supposed to do, which was to ease the discomfort, reduce the swelling and kill the pain until eventually, the hemorrhoid ceases to be a problem. However, what all these medications failed to do is to stop my hemorrhoids from coming back time and again.

After a while I got fed up of paying for medications that failed to stop my hemorrhoids from recurring and I started to try every natural treatment I had heard or had read about, these included the garlic and Vicks Vaporub treatments I mention above. As with the medications they were very effective, but yet again none of them stopped my hemorrhoids from returning.

Reluctantly, I started to consider having surgery, a route I never wanted to go down believe me, as I felt it was expensive, intrusive, painful and most importantly, there was no guarantee that my hemorrhoid problem would be stopped! Thankfully, before I signed any consent forms, a friend of mine told me about this holistic treatment guide that sounded like it could be worth a look.

My first thought was that it sounded too good to be true, years of failed treatments had left me a little skeptical to say the least, but then I thought what the heck, I don’t want surgery and I’ve given everything else a go so I decided to give it a try. I took the decision to check out Jessica Wright’s Hemorrhoid No More about 20 months ago and as I stated right at the top of this post, I haven’t suffered any hemorrhoid attacks for 18 months!

I’ll be honest with you though, as effective as this holistic treatment guide is, it did take some effort on my part as it involved making certain lifestyle changes, but it did teach me how to get rid of hemorrhoids completely and the freedom it has given me in return is priceless. So,..If you’re wondering how to get rid of hemorrhoids and are looking for a magical pill or cream that will eliminate your hemorrhoids for good, then please stop now! I know from experience that you are simply wasting your time. And if you are pinning all your hopes on surgery to put an end to your misery then you may want to check out the success rate of each procedure in stopping hemorrhoids recurring before you sign that consent form. But… If you want to know more about what worked for me and countless others like me, then…

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